The Different Types Of Computer Systems

This is an era of computers. There is an essential role in computers in our day to day life. Be it the smartphone in our hand or the supercomputer in a scientist’s research laboratory. Computers have made our life so much easier; storing data is not a big deal now, or calculating some big problem is not a problem anymore. There are many types of computer systems according to our need and use.

What is a computer?

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The computer is a device that helps to compute or calculate. It is an electronic device which solves the arithmetic problem, logical reasoning, and Can store a large amount of data in it and can recall it at any time when the user wants it to remember. There are many types of computer systems available according to different types of users.

Different types of computer systems

There are different types of computers available according to the purpose of it. To understand with a simple example, people use PC or personal computers to do their own works of individuals, we all have smartphones in our hands, on the other hand, there are also supercomputers which take a lot of room to be installed, they are mainly used in scientific research. The main four types of computers are as follows:

  1. Supercomputer: These are the computers which help in calculating big complex arithmetic problems of research. Here research data can be stored too for a long time. More advantages of it can be recalled at any moment as needed by the user.
  2. Mainframe computers: These are gigantic computers, extremely costly computers with enormous working power, and super fast speed. These computers can store an incredible amount of data, and even they can execute numerous instructions at the same point in time. These are mainly used in railway preservation, education, etc. where a bulk amount of data are to be stored
  3. Mini computer: These are known as mid-range computers. They are speedier and less expensive yet not as good as the mainframe or supercomputers. They are used as a part of private organizations.
  4. Microcomputer: These are mainly the PC or personal computer. They are the smallest and cheapest as compared to the mini, mainframe, supercomputers. Due to easy accessibility, these computers are growing fastest way compared to the users of other networks.
  • Desktop: Desktops are also called PC. An individual mainly uses these computers in their home or office. These are used in offices, houses, etc.
  • Laptop: These are a lot of computers which are smaller in size. It has a rechargeable battery, which makes it available even when the power supply is not around. The laptops can be carried and easily movable.
  • Palmtop: These are the smallest computers available. These computers are smaller than the laptop. It is named so due to the small size of itself. These computers are relatively smaller in format with less amount of activity.

So these are the different types of computer systems available to the people. Now you can use any one of them according to your needs and the kind of work you do. But after reading this, one thing is confident that using computers has become an essential part of our life.